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Don't let heroes be handicapped.

Unleash your clinicians' potential with evidence-based workflow optimization. 

surefhir helps inpatient care teams rise above the chaos with tools that make it easy to follow complex patient stories. 

Evidence-based recommendations can be tough to implement. We paved the path of least resistance.
 Best Practice
"The organization should maintain up-to-date patient care team information within the EHR.

- Office of the National Coordinator

SAFER guidelines for Clinician Communication 


TL;DR: Getting this right burdens clinicians, but getting it wrong threatens patient safety

  • Clinicians waste between 15-45 minutes each shift identifying care team members 

  • Less than 10% of clinicians involved in care are listed in the EHR care team module

  • Manually updating care team information would add between 100-200 clicks per shift

  • Many clinician-to-clinician phone calls sound like: "That's not my patient, why are your calling me?"

  • Difficulties identifying current care team members leads to care delays and failures to close the loop on critical results

How can surefhir help?

We are building a world where shift and coverage changes don't cause headaches.


You can stop chart-hunting to figure out who is currently involved in care or what they've done. 


It's not magic (technically). It's an EMR plug-in that aggregates, analyzes, and shares team member activity.

When clinicians can thrive, everything else just falls into place.


Prevent missed critical results by making it easy for pathology and radiology to identify the physicians currently involved.


Give clinicians back their time and the dignity of practicing at the top of their liscence.


Get quick answers to questions like "Where did the last hospitalist leave things?" Prevent both wasteful re-work and care delays.

A/R Days

Reduce physician queries with a timeline that shows who was supposed to write that missing progress note.


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